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Connecticut, The Submarine Capitol Of The World, Is Marking 100 Years

12072714_1191039180912645_8543715519213260867_n 12096529_1191037890912774_2287257090938979940_nIt is the Century of the Submarine in Connecticut years, yes, that’s right, 100 years. In 2016 which is the the centennial anniversary of the Submarine Base and Submarine School. According to the Governor’s office, “the initial Navy installation established along the eastern shore of the Thames River in Connecticut, it was the result of the generosity and efforts of the State and its citizens, who conveyed some 86 acres to the Navy in 1868. But it was not until 1915 that the installation, then a Navy Yard, took on historic prominence. October 18, 1915, marked the arrival of submarines G-1, G-2, and G-4 under the care of the tender USS OZARK. And on June 21, 1916, the Navy Yard changed forever as Commander Yeates Stirling assumed command of the newly designated Submarine Base, the newly established Submarine School, and the New London Submarine Flotilla.”

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