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“Google” Calling For Structural Graphics Of Essex, Connecticut


Did you know that Structural Graphics in Essex, Connecticut is the pioneer of the dimensional print marketing industry? Some of the biggest brands on the planet do, and that includes GOOGLE. This company started with a fascination of pop-up books and paper that led them to engineer across new mediums in the world of advertising. Structural Graphics introduced the world to dimensional print marketing in 1976 and has been leading the charge ever since. Their slogan:”Been there. Done that. Going further.” GOOGLE came to Structural and asked them to design a box that would hold items being carried in the brand new GOOGLE store that opened up this year in London. The structural team went to work and came up with this. Watch the video:

Here is what Structural graphics did for Pier I for Christmas 2015., is this phenomenal or what? This catalog goes back to its very roots before digital rolled around. Any way I just thought you’d like to know what kind of cool design work is going on in Connecticut that is recognized globally. If you’re lucky enough to tour their facility there are droves of work they have done over the years….if you can dream it up, they can make it. Oh, and this is a company with a huge “give back” component too, take a look HERE.