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WOW! Have You Seen Bristol, Connecticut’s New Website?

004Bristol, Connecticut. This is a city with a heart and over the past several years a group of folks, some of whom moved back to this city after spreading their wings elsewhere, decided to return to make their home great and show other cities in the state how to move forward after tough times. I have been watching them grow. From event to event they have been bringing others in to show that yes, the city can begin again. The new web site is filled with pride, you can feel it. This city is setting itself up to be a destination in Hartford County, and good for them they have worked hard enough over the years.

One of the young people who has helped spearhead this is Mark Walerysiak. Yes, I know him, his brother P.J. went to college with my twin daughters. Their whole family works hard. Mark is currently the marketing and brand manager at Central Connecticut Chambers of Commerce. His folks came to this country from Poland and Bristol is the place they settled. So Mark, way to go and all the others who have helped you along the way and to other leaders who have emerged in this city when many said growth just wouldn’t happen here. Well, look at you now…keep going! Oh and give the new website a test run and see all there is to do in Bristol. HERE.