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The Carillonneurs Behind The Music In Harkness Tower At Yale


In the middle of the campus at Yale University is a historic building called Harkness Tower. The tower was finished in 1921. In that tower are 54 carillon bells that are played by students twice a day by students. They are part of the Yale University Guild of Carillonneurs. Yale’s carillon was cast by John Taylor Bellfoundry in Loughborough, England.  The playing cabin is accessible by stairs, more than 100 of them, that area is located right behind the clock on the tower. The students also travel abroad and play other carillon bells around the world.


You can have a song, any song, current or past played by students just be requesting it on their website. You will be contacted when it will be played.  The next time you walk around downtown New Haven and hear the bells you will now know that is not some recording you are hearing, but rather the work of Yalies who take this craft very seriously.