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Coming Fall 2016 ~ “Remembering Katharine Hepburn”


Coming in the fall of 2016, my second book, Remember Katharine Hepburn. I am so pleased to continue t educate new generations about the legacy of the most iconic actress of the 20th century. Hepburn still holds the record for winning the most leading actress Academy Awards, she won 4.

The book can be pre-ordered HERE.

“This is a sweet, inspiring, and captivating look at a woman who was an inspiration for many and whose legacy and stories should be shared with a new generation of fans. Journalist and news anchor, Ann Nyberg, delves into the long, extraordinary life of Katharine Hepburn through the personal stories of those whose lives she influenced in even the tiniest way. From tales from her beloved Fenwick in Connecticut to stories about her days in Hollywood to adventures with “Aunt Kat,” Nyberg interviews the people who knew Kate and cared for her––her friends, her fans, her family, and her neighbors––as they recount endearing tales of about her life.

Alongside these stories and iconic photographs are inspiring quotes from Katharine herself, and the famous characters she played, that highlight her individuality, confidence, determination, and zest for life! She was bold, brash, and beautiful––a woman way ahead of her time.”