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“Steep” By Connecticut’s Bigelow Tea Company


Two Fairfield Companies Join Forces and Bring Refreshing News for the Area Economy

Bigelow Tea, the US industry leader in specialty tea, recently announced the introduction of steep by Bigelow, a new line of organic teas with a fresh look and trendy appeal. To bring their new product to market, Fairfield-based Bigelow Tea enlisted the services of another Fairfield company, HMSDesign, a premier branding and packaging firm that specializes in the development and management of brand imagery.

Coupling HMSDesign’s creativity with Bigelow’s expertise in the tea market has resulted in a refreshing story for the area’s economy.

Made with exceptional care under the careful watch of Bigelow family tea blenders, this line of hand-crafted teas is Bigelow Tea’s ‘microbrew’. Created to engage all the senses and appeal to the changing social demands of today’s tea consumer, these new Bigelow family recipes take wonderful aromas and uncommonly delicious flavor to the next level with packaging that evokes a contemporary, gourmet look and feel.

After months of consumer research and refinement of product positioning, the packaging design for Bigelow’s new product line – a line that is already proving to be a truly exceptional one –brings a refreshing elegance to store shelves across the country, and has earned HMSDesign an American Graphic Design Award from Graphic Design USA Magazine.

April 11, 2016, Fairfield, CT — In 1945, Ruth Bigelow’s revolutionary spirit created the very first Bigelow Tea, the iconic Constant Comment. In doing so, she challenged established tea brands and created specialty tea in America. Now, 70 years later under third-generation family leadership, Bigelow Tea is adding to its vast repertoire of teas with the launch of a new line of craft teas named steep by Bigelow.

Developed to appeal to the senses, steep by Bigelow is a premium line of USDA Certified organic teas that creatively blends exotic, on-trend ingredients in unexpected and un‘iquely pleasing ways. In addition to being Certified USDA Organic, the line has the added benefits of being non-GMO and gluten free to satisfy the dietary and social demands of today’s tea consumer.

“Our new line of hand-crafted teas was created to engage all the senses, from shelf to cup, beginning with the serenely visual appeal of the packaging to the wonderful aromas and tantalizing flavors that follow,” says Cindi Bigelow, third generation president & CEO. “Made with exceptional care under the careful watch of Bigelow family tea blenders, this is our ‘microbrew,’ rich-in-flavor teas that will enhance life’s everyday moments. I invite you to come with us on this journey to live a life steeped in experiences.”

Inspired by the popularity of the craft beer movement, the signature series connects with the passionate tea consumer by supporting everyone’s personal and individual palate. The thirteen creatively blended teas deliver a unique flavor experience by combining such taste counterparts as sweet peachy notes with earthy dandelion, smoky and nutty oolong with delicate floral jasmine and smooth, malty teas with flowery top notes. As the craft-blend tea category continues to expand and evolve at an unprecedented rate, steep by Bigelow provides a distinctive look, feel, and sensory experience that appeals to the palates of both current and future tea drinkers.

While tea is inherently healthy and functional, this new, uncommonly rich organic line is focused on enhancing a lifestyle experience unlike anything currently in the market. steep by Bigelow provides a distinctive look, feel, and rich flavor that infuses the tea drinking experience like no organic tea before.

Available in boxes of 20 tea bags, the steep by Bigelow organic line will whet the appetites of consumers with unusually tempting blends:

Sweet Cinnamon – a smooth, black tea distinctively balanced with sweet, spicy cinnamon
Chai – a perfectly balanced blend of rich black tea and exotic spices
Lemon Ginger caffeine free Herbal Tea – a clean citrus herb tea pleasantly spiced with ginger
Dandelion & Peach Rooibos & Green Tea – smooth tea with sweet, fruity peach notes and earthy dandelion finish
Pure Green Tea – a delicate green tea with subtle astringency
Green Tea with Pomegranate – smooth green tea with pomegranate and a pleasantly tart finish
Pure Green Decaffeinated Tea – a delicate green tea with subtle astringency
Earl Grey – a smooth, bold black tea with a crisp, authentically citrusy rich flavor of real bergamot
Oolong & Jasmine Green Tea – slightly smoky and nutty oolong with delicate floral Jasmine notes
English Breakfast Certified Fair Trade Tea –smooth, malty with flowery top notes and a pleasantly astringent finish
Mint caffeine free Herbal Tea – a smooth & soothing blend of spearmint & peppermint
Rooibos Hibiscus caffeine free Herbal Tea – tart and delicious rooibos red tea with subtle delicate hibiscus
Chamomile Citrus caffeine free Herbal Tea – full bodied sweet chamomile with a bright, citrus complement

Bigelow Tea is a “Zero Waste to Landfill” company