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Helping The Homeless Through Musical Intervention

078Adam Christoferson, an only child who grew up in East Haven, is making a difference of the lives of the homeless through music. He founded Musical Intervention, based in New Haven. He’s giving the homeless a place to express themselves by singing and writing songs and recording them. He believes to his core in helping people. As a child his Mother suffered with mental illness and his Dad who served his country in Vietnam, was deeply affected by Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome. At one point Christoferson was sent to a foster home until his Grandmother took him in and helped to raise him. Christoferson is all about helping those who can’t help themselves, it is his life’s mission. Watch his interview and the documentary below.  It’s the hope more funding will come to support the music and that someone famous in the music world will hear his story and record one of the powerful songs written by someone who is homeless.

Go Fund Me Page for Musical Intervention is HERE.