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Paloma Aelyon’s “Dove Stories,” Real and Raw


Paloma Aelyon who grew up in Westport, Connecticut is just 24 but has seen a lot of the world already. She speaks English, French and Turkish, and like anyone has a story about her family. It started her thinking that everybody has a story so she set up a web site called Dove Story. It’s a platform where all women can tell “real” stories about their lives to connect. It’s called Dove Story because her name, Paloma, means dove in Spanish. Her thinking is that she can connect women from all over the world. She says nobody’s life is perfect even though that is what social media is showing these days. Everyone puts their best pictures out there to the world, when most certainly it does not tell the “real” tale and that’s where she comes in. What is your Dove Story, send it to Paloma and start the conversation, it might take flight in ways you never imaged. Submit your story HERE.