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Are You A Military Family? You Need To Know About “Kids Of America’s Heroes”

9f67ae89-95bc-41aa-a3aa-eaa9383de0fb Jason Burke is a humble man who is an American war hero. He served in the Navy for 26-years. He was a naval pilot who flew high risk operations and reconnaissance missions over Bosnia and Iraq. He served alongside all branches of the military in Afghanistan where he lost two men, they were in a lead vehicle that hit an I-E-D. He understands all too well the pain of notifying loved ones and what the loss of a parent does to a child. Burke and Maria Phillips of Hamden, have formed the non-profit organization called “Kids Of America’s Heroes.” The mission: to help the children whose parents serve in the Reservists and the National Guard who have been deployed over and over again.  Burke says there are 2 million children across the country who are living in the shadow of war and their communities need to understand what they go thru. Currently Burke is director of Veteran and military affairs at Quinnipiac University. Get a hold of him at Kids of America’s Heroes  (K.O.A.H.) and help him help America’s military families.