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Remember Your Child In The Car With “Slow Down Baby”


Every year there are children left in hot cars in the summertime by accident and that can lead to the death of a child.
Julianne Godwin of Essex, a mother of two, decided to do something about this. She developed a slow-tech reminder, a tag, called “Slow Down Baby.” It tells you in bold letters that yes, you have a child in the car. No matter how distracted you might become, a parent, a caregiver, anyone, you have a giant yellow octagonal yellow reminder to “slow down” and remember your child. Godwin, who works at a correctional facility in Connecticut, took an oath on her job to “protect public safety” and this is one way she’s doing that. The tags are $24.95 and for each one sold Godwin will give one away for free. She has thought about getting them into the hands of state and local police, and Senator Richard Blumenthal has told her they ought to get the National Transportation Safety Board involved too.