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Sennheiser Innovates Wireless Technology And The Famous Take Notice


It’s all about Sound at Sennheiser. The audio-giant family-owned company is based in Germany but it’s North American Headquarters just happens to be in Old Lyme, Connecticut. The 71-year old company today is know for its microphones, headphones and wireless technology. Sennheiser has won an Academy Award, an Emmy, a Grammy, all for its sound.
The biggest recording artists and Broadway stars go to Sennheiser for their mics….for Beyonce, a wireless mic was developed for her that runs 15-thousand dollars. When Prince came to call he was looking for a signature mic too…his was gold. Sennheiser is about to open bricks and mortar stores…two in New York City and one in Berlin and then they will be rolled out to other major cities. Thanks to Christopher Currier and Stefanie Reichert for coming on from Sennheiser.

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