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Betsy Nilan Takes The Reigns Of “The Get In Touch Foundation”


October is breast cancer awareness month. An organization by the name of The Get In Touch Foundation was founded by the late Mary Ann Wasil of Milford. Wasil, who so many in the state came to love for enduring passion to help others, died this spring after pushing back against cancer for years. Mary Ann been a guest on NYBERG three-and-a half years ago and impacted me too with her effervescence for life even though she knew she was living on borrowed time. Her eldest, daughter, Betsy Nilan has taken the reigns of her Mother’s breast health organization to make sure that young girls “get in touch” with the bodies at a young age so they can be their own health advocates. Betsy is a walking billboard for all those fighting against breast cancer with her signature pink hair.





Mary Ann Wasil did this interview with me in April of 2013, three years before she passed.