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Introducing The Pizza People

Susan McDevitt of Madison is a mother of 7. Chance Jackson is a 26-year old who helps youth in New Haven. Both understand what it is to get a helping hand. McDevitt is a cancer survivor, and the day after Christmas of 2016, Jackson lost everything he had in a fire. Despite their challenges they give to others. McDevitt, about the time she was diagnosed with cancer, started the group simply called “The Pizza People” and along the way Jackson got involved. Together, along with a boat load of volunteers, they give out 40 pizzas donated by “Modern Apizza” in New Haven.This happens without fail on the New Haven Green at noon on the third Tuesday of every month.  Naples Pizza of Guilford helps out too. Everybody involved with this group wants nothing in return except to know that they helped somebody.   Clothing and toiletries are handed out too.  Do you want to get involved with the “The Pizza People? Go to The Pizza People facebook page and message them.