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Connecticut’s American Mural Project

Launched in 2002 by artist Ellen Griesedieck, the American Mural Project (AMP) is creating the largest indoor collaborative artwork in the world—a mural 120 feet long, 48 feet high, and up to ten feet deep. The mural is a tribute to American workers and highlights what has defined the country over the last century. Nothing like it exists in the world. More than 10,000 children and adults have helped create pieces of the mural, and an additional 30,000 from all 50 states are expected to help finish the project. Two former mill buildings on Whiting Street in Winsted, Connecticut, will house the mural and an adjacent visitor’s center. The arts center is expected to open to the public in spring 2018, following renovations which are projected to begin in March 2017. The late Academy Award winning actor, Westport, Connecticut’s Paul Newman, believed deeply in the project and served as chairman of its board of directors. Listen to what he had to say in 2006, so poignant for the times in which we live in 2017.

Paul Newman talks about AMP from American Mural Project on Vimeo.