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Pinball Wizards At The Sanctum

‘Ever since he was a young boy, he played the silver ball…From Soho down to Brighton, he must have played them all…” We’re talking about pinball. Pinball is seeing another resurgence in the U.S. and that includes Connecticut. There is a place in Meriden call The Sanctum where you can go on Monday nights, play for free and sharpen your skills. There are 47 machines packed into a room in an old warehouse. Tournaments are held there and they are live-streamed. Jim Swaim, who was the Connecticut state Pinball champion in 2015… is one of four guys who put the place together. By day Swaim is a plumber, by night, he’s a master manipulator of the flippers and that silver chrome ball. One of the most popular games of all time and the most produced is The Adams Family, which I actually think I have played. Hours of operation on Mondays are 6:30 p.m.until midnight, all you have to do is show up.