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From Italy To The North End


Oh the stories that Anthony Ricco of New Haven, Connecticut can tell about Italian Americans. He has just released his latest book on immigrant life in America capturing the past which is so important for the future and who we are as people. The book is entitled “From Italy To The North End.” Anthony Ricco traced his routes from Italy to the North End of Boston where his relatives settled with others from Italy. It was a town within a town, an area of about a mile and a half, where everybody knew everybody. He chronicles Italian immigrant seniors whom he had worked with as a young man over a period of ten years from 1972 to ’82. It is an intimate pictorial look at how they lived their lives in a new land. He spoke the language and worked among them and he was trusted. Ricco’s curiosity about the past gives us a real gift. He says the names, the places, the stories, are etched into his consciousness. And by the way, he is the collections maintenance manager at the Sterling Memorial Library at Yale University where he is surrounded by history.