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Victoria Negri’s “Gold Star” Film

Victoria Negri is a 30-year old filmmaker from New Haven. She wrote, directed, produced, and acted in her first feature-length movie called “Gold Star.” Even though she was a novice, she managed to cast Oscar-nominated actor, Robert Vaughn as the star. Negri’s movie would be Vaughn’s last screen appearance, he passed shortly after it was made. The film is about her much older father, Carmine, played by Vaughn. Her Dad was born in 1924 and went to Lee High School in New Haven, her mother was 37 years his junior. Her Dad died at age 88. He had Parkinson’s Disease. A stroke then left him speechless and then pneumonia helped end his life. Her film, “Gold Star,” is dedicated to her Dad and the struggles she had caring for him as she was coming of age in her 20’s. But it is also about the gifts she received in all the turmoil.