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Bridgeport’s Mercy Learning Center Is Lifting Women By Educating Them

 Can you imagine coming to the U.S. with little education and virtually speaking no english? It’s nearly impossible to get ahead. It is very difficult especially for women who are trying to raise children with very little money. One in five women in Bridgeport do not have a high school education, which means their children are at risk for not moving up the ranks in their education. The Mercy Learning Center of Bridgeport is doing something about that. Now celebrating 30 years, they have helped to educate, for free, 12-thousand women from 47-countries. Jane Ferreira, the CEO of the center says demand is great to get into Mercy, the organization is forced to turn away many. There is only enough money to serve about one-thousand women a year. There are 240 volunteers, tutors who make the school run. The center can always use more who want to give of their time. School supplies are welcomed from the public as well for their students.