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A Love Story Born From Survival

Two young people whose lives could have been cut short were not, they survived and are now together telling their stories. Colin Cook, who grew up in Madison, Connecticut lost his left leg at the age 25 in 2015 to a 12 foot long shark in the waters of Hawaii where he had been surfing. His life was spared by a nearby surfer.  Sydney Corcoran of Lowell, Massachusetts, at the age of 18 was at the finish line in Boston on April 15th, 2013 when pressure cooker bombs went off. Part of one of those devices went deeply into her leg severing her femoral artery. Her life was also saved by strangers who jumped into action.  Sydney’s Mom was with her that day, they were there to cheer on Sydney’s aunt, they wanted her to be the first people she saw when she finished her first marathon. Sydney’s Mom lost both of her legs in the bombing. Sydney and Colin have found peace in each other. They are the faces of survival, and they are thriving. Sydney and Colin have remained very close with the people who saved their lives.