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Social Venture Partners Connecticut Is Helping Non-profits Soar

Have you heard of Social Venture Partners Connecticut? They’re a group of people in the state who are part of a global network of folks who dole out money from the private sector and expertise to nonprofits to keep them going in the right direction. SVP Connecticut is also working on helping the state college system, lending help for students entering community colleges and to help get them jobs in the state. This group is impacting your world locally as you go about your daily lives. Since the Connecticut chapter opened about 4 years ago, they’ve given away about 1-point-2 million dollars. SVP  Connecticut numbers 70 now, they hope to grow to 500 partners to really be a force for good in Connecticut. SVP Connecticut’s social impact focus is to close the opportunity gap in Connecticut by supporting innovative organizations and initiatives in education and workforce development.  SVP Connecticut also workS to solve the most pressing problems in our state by investing and collaborating with other funders and organizations in the public and private sectors.