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A Connecticut Couple Unmasks The Rare Tango2 Genetic Disease

An East Hampton, Connecticut couple is unmasking the very rare TANGO2-related disease. They finally got a diagnosis for their 16-year-old son 8-months ago. It turned out that Ryan is missing a part of the gene known as Tango-2 which slows development and can lead to many other issues. His parents have formed a foundation to connect with others from around the world to further research. To date they have only found 18 other families…they want to find more. Mike and Kasha Morris’s  mission is to lead the way in finding a cure for TANGO2 related disease. They plan to fund, coordinate and guide scientific research that leads to a better understanding of how TANGO2 mutations affect people at the most basic cellular and biochemical pathway levels. Go to their website TANGO2 Research Foundation to connect with them so you have help them build a strong community.