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A New Haven Family Business Since 1975

The Cobden family knows New Haven. Their custom printing business called Campus Customs has been around the Yale University campus since 1975. Brothers Joel, who is President, and his brother, Jeremy, Vice President, have taken the reins from their Dad who started the business after working for Cutler’s Record Company. They can print up anything you like on a t-shirt, or hat, or any article of clothing and they can do it fast. Their printing operation which is 12-thousand square feet, is right behind the store. In an hours time they can push out about 3-thousand shirts.

A few years back they took over the old York Square Cinema Theater and expanded the business so that everything was centrally located. To date they employ 72 people, a sign of a long-time successful small business. Not only are they licensed to print official Yale products, but Harvard, UCONN and Quinnipiac University and other schools too.