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Connecticut’s Gaylord Helps Those With Traumatic Injury Get Back Into Life

There’s a place in Connecticut, a non-profit, which treats people who have had a stroke, a brain or spinal cord injury, or have had an amputation find the way forward. Gaylord Specialty Healthcare in Wallingford has been around in many forms since 1902. It’s a rolling 400-acre former farm, which in its early years was developed to treat people with tuberculosis. In 1954 it became New England’s first hospital specializing in comprehensive rehabilitation. Along the way, six years ago, the caring folks who work there developed the Gaylord Gauntlet where able-bodied people and those who have learned to live with their disabilities, compete on the grounds in a day of sport and togetherness. Vice President of Clinical Operations, Peter Grevelding, who loves to tell tales of hope, is my guest on NYBERG.