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Free Books With Every Meal At The Traveler Restaurant

On NYBERG, a gem of a place near Sturbridge, Massachusetts, in the border village of Mashapaug in the town of Union, Connecticut. Union has a population of 839 at last count. One of its landmarks is the Traveler Restaurant where you get free used books, three of them with every meal you eat there…no really. For the last 25 years, Karen and Art Murdock have run the place 7-days a week, breakfast, lunch and dinner and have given away 2-million books.

There are shelves holding 9-thousand books where you dine on the first floor. And there’s a bookstore downstairs with another 60-thousand used books for sale. This is the one of the coolest places you may never had heard of. But it’s been in plenty of magazines including Oprah’s “O” magazine. The famous have found their way to there including Susan Sarandon, Robert Redford, Bill Murray and Bruce Springsteen. The Murdocks have so many books they built a warehouse which holds 200-thousand on the shelves.