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An Ironing Board Was Invented In New Haven

New Haven is home to so many inventions…the cotton gin, the can opener, the portable typewriter, the frisbee, the lollipop, the hamburger and on and on. But I bet you didn’t know, an African-American woman living in New Haven before the Civil War got a patent for her invention of an early ironing board. Her name was Sarah Boone. She lived in the Dixwell area and made her living as a dressmaker. She was 60 years old when she received her patent on April 26th, 1892. She was one of the first black women in the country to ever receive a patent.

Ainissa Ramirez, a scientist and author who is fascinated about a lot of things, discovered Boone’s story when she was doing research for an upcoming book. Ramirez has penned a children’s book about Sarah Boone so that Boone’s story will finally be written about.