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The Daisy Wheel Can Save A Life

Every 2 minutes a case of breast cancer is diagnosed in a woman in the U.S. on occasion breast cancer has been found in girls as young as 9. The late Mary Ann Nilan of Milford who died from breast cancer just a few years ago wanted make sure that girls at a younger age became aware of their bodies so that they would know if something wasn’t right. She started The Get In Touch Foundation and developed a paper wheel with a daisy on it to help with breast self exams so that they become more aware of their bodies and know when something isn’t normal. Nilan’s daughter, Betsy Nilan is now President of the foundation. To date one million daisy wheels have been given out around the world. Betsy Nilan is taking the foundation into the digital age and is raising money for an app, that will replace the paper daisy wheel and that will allow more people around the world to download the tool. You can donate to the app by going HERE.