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Please Pass The Bean Pie!

Mubarakah Ibrahim has filled a void in her micro-food business. Growing up in Brooklyn, New York, this long time New Haven, Connecticut Mother craved bean pie. She had a hankering for a bean pie in Connecticut and couldn’t find it, so she made it herself. Everybody she shared it with loved it, so she made a business out of it. She’s founder of Mmm Pies and Gourmet Desserts. Now she’s in 12 stores so far in the Nutmeg state and at a Farmer’s Market in Massachusetts. If you like pumpkin pie, you’ll like this African-American soul food dessert called bean pie. Ibrahim also makes a scrumptious carrot cake. Recognized for her hard work, she is the 2019 Connecticut home-based business of the year. To date, about 100 pies are going out into the state every week.