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Puppetry Is Alive And Well At Uconn With Bart Roccoberton

Bart Roccoberton says he didn’t start out wanting to be a puppeteer, but that’s just how life ended up. He’s the famed Director and Professor of Puppet Arts at UCONN, known around the world for his work and commonly called in for his expertise. He says he didn’t discover puppets until he was 21, though his Mom has told him she found tell-tale creative signs around the house when he was little. His students have performed or built puppets for Broadway shows, film and television including “Sesame Street” and “Avenue Q and have worked with The Boston Pops to build its famed late conductor, Arthur Fiedler. The Ballard Institute and Museum of Puppetry is honoring Roccoberton with an exhibit from May 2019 through the end of September called it’s Always Pandemonium” with about 100 puppets created by him over the decades.