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Pickard Chilton, A World Renowned Connecticut Architectural Firm

What do a luxury hotel in Abu Dhabi, the ExxonMobil Office Complex in Houston, the Wells Fargo headquarters campus in Des Moines and a Skyport to land flying Ubers have in common? The massive structures are all designed by the international architectural firm, Pickard Chilton. The prolific company designs all over the world and includes many buildings of note including the about-to-be-built Google Headquarters in Cambridge, Massachusetts. On NYBERG, The three principles of the firm, all originally from the Midwest, talked about how they came together and their projects through the years and into the future. The only building ever designed by Pickard Chilton in Connecticut is about to open. It’s the Barack H. Obama Magnet University School in New Haven. The names behind Pickard Chilton have led the design of some of the world’s most widely known buildings, creating iconic structures that have defined institutions, corporations, communities, cities and countries. Believing strongly that architecture can affirm a society’s best aspirations and a client’s cherished goals, the firm creates projects that stand out on the skyline and use resources lightly. This sensitivity to the environment has seen Pickard Chilton recognized by the US Green Building Council as a pioneer and leader in sustainable architecture.