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The Flying Locksmiths, If It’s On A Door They Handle It


Larry Backes, a mechanical engineer, is passionate about being a mobile locksmith specialist. He never started out thinking he would end up in this line of business….but life’s funny that way. He’s owns a franchise in the 73-year old largest locksmithing company in America called The Flying Locksmiths. Backes started his career as an entrepreneur, successfully launching and operating several businesses. He then went into the healthcare industry and worked on things like artificial blood products, Alzheimer’s disease, type II diabetes, obesity, and medical devices. Now he’s leveraging his engineering degree to solve safety problems.

The Flying Locksmiths (TFL) have been installing locks since 1946. TFL was founded in Boston, Massachusetts. William McMenimon, a World War II Veteran and Pilot, started the company and subsequently handed it down to his sons. They, along with the third generation, now run the company with a synergistic combination of old world locksmith experience and new world technology.  It began with William McMenimon Sr., working out of his Jeep with one key machine in 1946. He was training to become a pilot and working as a locksmith, hence the reason for the unusual name. He opened a small key shop in Boston and later moved to the nearby suburb of Randolph, where the storefront is still located 30 years later. When William retired, he passed the business down to his sons; Barry and Brad, who expanded the company into the highly recognizable business it is today. Barry’s sons, Brett and Barry P, have also joined the leadership team, infusing the well-established family business, with the convenience of modern technology.