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The Illustrious Career Of Connecticut Artist, George Corsillo

New Haven’s George Corsillo has had a long and illustrious career as a graphic designer. Growing up in Hartford, Connecticut he fell in love with art after his parents sent him to the Wadsworth Athenaeum on Saturday afternoons. He decided he didn’t want to copy the master artists, but to create his own art. As a young man he found success taking note of the world around him and the people too. He’s made album, and book covers pop and posters too, and is Garry Trudeau’s right hand man when it comes to color. One of his most recent works is designing the logo for East Rock Brewing Company. He’s designed so many things in his life for so many, his plans are to bring it all together in a book sooner than later. He and his artist wife, Susan McCaslin own Design Monsters in New Haven, Connecticut.