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The Lintas Can Help High School Athletes Be The Best They Can Be

Do you have a high school athlete at home who has the drive to get to the highest level in college possible? Kathy Linta and her son, TJ, who was a Quarterback for Brown University and who was just released from the Kansas City Chiefs as a Quarterback when he got injured, are hitting road to talk about how to navigate all of this . They’ve already walked the walk. Behind this dynamic duo is the knowledge of NFL agent, Joe Linta, TJ’s Dad, and Kathy’s husband. There is a wealth of knowledge in this family and they want to share what they know in person and online. That’s how Athlete Ascension was born. One tip TJ offers is to get smart about social media and reach out to coaches there. At this writing, T.J. Linta  plans to head back into the NFL if that’s in the cards. To find out how to get in touch with the Linta’s go to Athlete Ascension.