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A Connecticut And Irish Collaboration Brings “Fuzzy Cask Finish Whiskey” To America

New England Brewing Co. of Woodbridge collaboration’s with Clonakilty Distillery  of Cork, Ireland is about to hit Connecticut on October 1st, 2019. Six year old Bourbon barrels from Kentucky that held New England Brewing Company’s very popular Fuzzy Baby Ducks IPA, were shipped back to Ireland in late spring. A blend of 40% Malt and 60% grain whiskey was introduced and allowed to age at maturation warehouses at Galley Head. The result is described as, floral on the nose, citrus, tangerine and tropical fruit character on the palette and a smooth soft finish and it’s called Fuzzy Cask IPA Whiskey. Damian Cashman of Clonakilty Distillery, who is based in Connecticut and Greg Radawich and Marty Juliano of New England Brewing, describe the process on NYBERG.