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Connecticut’s Potoo Is Protecting Brands Online

It’s high tech at its best. Potoo, (pah-two) based in Norwalk, Connecticut is the fastest growing privately owned company in the state, and one of the quickest growing in the nation. It was founded in 2014 to monitor online marketplaces like Amazon and other buying and selling platforms to make sure that the consumer, you, are getting what you’re paying for, they are hired to protect the integrity of brands. They represent big time brands and help shut down counterfeit operations. Potoo employs more than 6 dozen people, grabbing sharp minds from the colleges around the state. The company will double that amount of employees in the near future to help monitor the wild west of online shopping. This holiday season, online sales is expected to top one-trillion dollars, translated, 53-percent of the population will buy online. It’s co-founder and CEO, Fred Dimyan, is my guest on NYBERG.