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The Joy Susan Handbag Company Is A Family Affair In Connecticut

It started out in the basement of Debbie Tierney’s home as a jewelry company in 1972. It’s now the Joy Susan Company, based in New Britain, Connecticut and is known for its vegan leather handbags. Tierney named the company after her daughter, Joy and her mother-in-law, Susan which is also Joy’s middle name. Debbie Tierney is still very involved, but Joy has taken the helm and constantly designing new items. Their loyal customer base is dear to them, and has led to the phenomenal success of the company. Despite the fact that they have never done any advertising or any television interviews, their products are in 10-thousand shops across the country. It’s important to know that this family owned company for the last thirty years as given a percentage of its sales every month to Saint Jude Children’s Hospital. Joy Tierney Nenna is my guest on NYBERG.