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Love For The Elderly With A Handwritten Note










Jacob Cramer is a 19-year old Sophomore at Yale University who grew up in Cleveland, Ohio. He’s a young man who cares deeply about the elderly, fostered by the death of his Grandfather when he was in the 6th grade. To this day he misses him dearly because he had an amazing impact on his life. A few years Cramer decided he wanted to raise up senior citizens and give back to them, by making sure they know that somebody cares about them. He knows that many fight loneliness. He started the non-profit “Love For The Elderly.” To date, he has spurred the handwriting and art work of nearly 100-thousand cards and letters which have been handed out to seniors. All of us should care more about those who have lived so much of life before us. If you would like to make sure that a senior gets a letter, just write one, any time of the year and send it to Jacob’s headquarters in Cleveland. There, is all volunteer workforce sorts them and mails them out to senior citizens and elsewhere. Mail to:

Love For The Elderly
P.O. Box 24248
Cleveland, Ohio, 44124