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« By now, you’ve probably seen this beautiful face, but before Friday not many of you knew who Victoria Soto was. I am honored to say that I did. Out of respect to her family, I don’t want to post any other pictures, or tag this post with her name. There are enough images on the internet. When I met Vicki – it was her first day of Freshman Orientation, at Eastern Connecticut State University. She was moving into Crandall Hall, where I was working as a Resident Assistant. With boxes in hand and her loving family behind her, I opened the door to her dorm and lent a helping hand. I grabbed a few things, from her car and we bonded over the fact that she was from Stratford, not too far from where I grew up and where several of my family members lived. Vicki her friends Kimberly Vernon Warzecha, Jeff Warzecha, Kristen Polakow, Carina, along with others spent many long nights laughing in the lounge. The year came to an end, but we knew it was going to be a brief goodbye, because Vicki and her friends would be returning as my residents the following year. There was an eagerness, in her beautiful bright blue eyes. She had a mission when she entered Eastern, and her hard work paid off. She achieved what she set out to do, get a degree in education and she went on to become a teacher. She was known to say, ‘her students were her little angels,’ but on that fateful day those fearful children, at Sandy Hook Elementary School, found an angel in Vicki. Her heroic actions on that horrific day, came at the ultimate cost. She always was an angel… and Friday she proved that to the world. This tragedy has taken a toll on our nation. Having two-ties to an un-imaginable incident makes it that much more real. My cousin’s grandson, Chase Kowalski, is also among those dead. The sadness seen on the faces in Sandy Hook won’t be washed away anytime soon. Words will never be enough of a comfort. 28 people were killed, but so many others died with them, on that day. Please pray for those who need it most.


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