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« ADOPT A SANDY HOOK/NEWTOWN COP GIFT CARD DONATION PAGE The police officers who responded to the Sandy Hook school shooting on 12/14/12 are facing more tough times. Many of them were so traumatized by the event that they have not been able to return to work. As a result, they will soon be running out of paid sick/vacation time and will no longer receive a paycheck. We need to help! Mother\’s Embrace has been in touch with the Newtown Police Department liaison to find out how we can help these officers through donations towards food and necessities for their families. We are happy to announce this Adopt a Cop fund. All funds donated to this cause will be converted into Walmart gift cards, where the officers and their families can purchase food and whatever else they may need while they remain out of work. (Walmart was suggested by the liaison as the place where most Newtown officers would shop.) We will gladly accept donations of any size.. big or small. Here is a way for us to directly improve the lives of the officers who risked their lives on 12/14 and EVERY DAY to protect our families! Please help us to help them! Walmart Gift cards may be mailed to: Linda Antignani 180 Patricia Drive Stratford, CT 06614 or use your debit/credit card to make a purchase by pushing the Paypal \”donation\” button below. CONTACT PHONE NUMBER: 203-414-2607 CONTACT EMAIL: Lindaantignani@msn.com Thank you in advance for your generosity! This fund will remain open until at least the end of February and longer if needed. ~ Yoga Linda


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