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Our History

Ann Nyberg created Network Connecticut in early 2010 with a single purpose: Uncover and tell the stories of the remarkable people and places in Connecticut.   You will find hundreds of stores and interviews about your town and your neighbors.  Ann has become one of the state’s leading social media mavens – connecting towns, connecting people and leveraging her near 30 years of television broadcast experience in Connecticut to support great causes.

In 2012 things began to change.  Ann saw that Network Connecticut could do more and be more.  People in Connecticut were hurting.  There had to be a place where they could go…a hub…a place where connections could be made, conversations could begin and people could come together to improve their lives the lives of others.  Ann also knew that people love to be entertained, listen to stories and smile at all the wonders Connecticut has to offer.  So, she gathered her team together.  Ann, Noah, Heather and Mike huddled in a tucked away office on the second floor of the Monroe Building in Madison and got to work.  The result is a brand new, yet still familiar Network Connecticut. This is a place for conversations to take place and the stories to be told., a brand new social media platform for the state of Connecticut. It’s now your site Connecticut so let’s start talking!