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Kids Of America’s Heroes, Helping The Children Of The Deployed

As we remember the men and women who served, and who are serving this nation in the military, we also remember their children, as they serve in many ways too when their parents are deployed. A three-year old organization founded in Connecticut called “Kids of America’s Heroes,” or (KOAH), seeks to provide essential support and services Read more…

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Executive Digital Producer, Jesse Gosselin Is On “Fireside Chats With Nyberg”

LIVE on Facebook tonight on “Fireside Chats With Nyberg,” is Jesse Gosselin, who heads up our digital team at WTNH News 8. Jesse is a long time musician who plays by ear. He’s a Dad of one, married to a gal whose great Uncle owned the famed Chasen’s Restaurant in Hollywood from yesteryear, and he loves mid-century Read more…

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Hailley Howard Is Telling Beautiful Stories With Her Photography

On tonight’s NYBERG, photographer, Hailley Howard. She’s based on the west coast but finds herself 90 percent on the time doing commercial shoots and weddings on the east coast, though she has been booked all over the world because of her work. Howard, from the time she was little, loved creating stories through her photographs. She was Read more…

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The Sauce Is Cooking In Angela’s Kitchen

If you’re Italian, even if you’re not…everybody has their own favorite sauce recipe. Angela Massimino, a mother of five, decided to take the meat sauce recipe handed down for generations and go public with it. The name of her company is Angela’s Kitchen. To date nearly 35-hundred jars have been bottled in New Haven, Connecticut and Read more…

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Fireside Chats With Nyberg Features News 8 Anchor, Reporter, Jocelyn Maminta

 On this edition of “Fireside Chats With Nyberg” Jocelyn Maminta is featured. We learn about her life, her entrepreneurial spirit, as the owner of a hosiery company, and her love for journalism. Oh, and did I mention she flips houses.

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The Dogs Of Camelot, Stories Of The Kennedy Canines

Many Presidents have had a dog or two during their time in the White House, but during John F. Kennedy’s tenure there were nine. As a child, the late president was always surrounded by dogs and in times of turmoil in the Oval office they were there by his side as well. In a new book Read more…

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A Children’s Bear Or A Book Can Help End Homelessness in Connecticut

The Connecticut Coalition to End Homelessness is doing a tremendous job at working to get families out of shelters and into a home. But there is a lot more to do and you can be a part of the solution. There are many programs set up by C-C-E-H including buying one of two books or one of Read more…

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New Haven’s Singer Songwriter Frank Viele

On tonight’s NYBERG, Singer, songwriter, Frank Viele of New Haven, just keeps falling up. There’s a good reason for that, he’s got a lot of talent, and he’s smart. He’s a musician with a business degree. As Viele travels the country with various artists, he collects vinyl albums. He has about 3-thousand of them. They’re all alphabetized Read more…

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A Chat With ABC News Veteran Journalist, Ron Claiborne

He never set out to be on air in television news, he just wanted to be a newspaperman to tell stories. Veteran journalist, Ron Claiborne, who just called it a career about two weeks ago (September 2018) at ABC News after 32 years, was my guest on NYBERG. The 65-year young Claiborne, originally from Los Angeles, is Read more…

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If You Love Cheese, Have It Sent To Your House

October is American cheese month, yes indeed it is, and to celebrate on NYBERG I talked to two “cheesemongers.” A cheesemonger is one who sells cheese. Laura Downey and Chris Palumbo, previously who worked in retail and catering, they decided they had the skills to open up the Fairfield Cheese Company in 2009 and then the Greenwich Read more…

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