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Fireside Chats With Nyberg ~ Weather Guy Fred Campagna

On this episode of “Fireside Chat With Nyberg” you’ll hear from Fred Campagna, a meteorologist at WTNH-TV(abc). He’s a proud father of three, avid runner, and eats a ton of pasta. He’s an Italian guy from Bristol, Rhode Island who started out in college to be pharmacist to go into the family business, that didn’t Read more…

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Fireside Chats With NYBERG, Connecticut TV Meteorologist Joe Furey

Joe Furey is a long time meteorologist in Connecticut, he grew up here and has raised four daughters here as well. He’s all about Connecticut, but there are other things you’ll learn about him on this “Fireside Chats with Nyberg.” 

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Fireside Chats With NYBERG ~Bill Koczocik (Ko-Cha-Chick)

On this episode of “Fireside Chats with Nyberg” is cameraman extraordinaire, Bill Koczocik. You’ll find out that Bill is a real renaissance man.You’re going to get to know all the people who work inside the WTNH-TV studios, there are so many interesting people here.   ,

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