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Our Network Connecticut Sponsors are critical partners in carrying out our mission to support and connect people, businesses and entrepreneurs of Connecticut. There are many opportunities to join us and enjoy the many benefits our sponsorships provide. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor of Network Connecticut, please email sponsors@networkconnecticut.com. Our sponsorship opportunities include:



annword_sidebarAnn Get’s Your Word Out! This section is dedicated to the great events and happenings in the state of Connecticut where people are helping people. This is the do good, give back section of Network Connecticut.
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Ann’s Faves! Ann’s faves is everything that she loves! From Connecticut restaurants to retail shops, antiques to fashion, fun to funky. It’s fast and fresh – one of the most updated areas on Network Connecticut and a unique insight into Ann’s favorite things.

booth babbleBooth Babble! This hysterical show is a fun conversation between local icons, Ann Nyberg and Noah Finz. They talk about everything from wearing ties, to men’s views on women, the economy, Connecticut and much, much more. Viewers will see the softer, funnier side of these great Connecticut icons!

upsideUpside, Your Business Matters! with Mike Maguire. An interactive interview podcast with Connecticut’s small business movers and shakers who face common business challenges. Mike interviews some big names and not-so-big names who live and work in CT.

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