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A Guitjo And A Cello Make “Acoustic Eidolon”

  What do a “Guitjo” and a cello have in common, answer… everything. The combination of the two instruments makes for beautiful music. Joe Scott and Hannah Alkire are husband and wife and have been touring this country and others for 20-years as Acoustic Eidolon.  Scott is the only one in the world that he knows Read more…

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Glenn Roth Is Making Music His Way

Glenn Roth of Norwalk, Connecticut is an innovative finger-style guitarist who stepped out of the musical box years ago and started doing his own thing. How did he do that? Well he is among a precious few that has a license to play in the subways of New York City and in the terminal of Read more…

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Broderick and Watson Are “100 Watt Suns”

Dan Watson of the long time New England rock group “Wicked Peach” and acoustic duo “2 Cat Zoo” and about three other bands, and Steve Broderick a former Trans Siberian Orchestra lead singer and rocker are in a Connecticut band called 100 Watt Suns. Watson is in his signature sneakers, Broderick in his boots. Broderick, Read more…

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Beijing Is Also In Connecticut

Well this was fun, interviewing and recording a new Connecticut band called Beijing up on a roof in Woodbridge, Connecticut. This was the first time they’d ever done some of their tunes on a rooftop. I think this works for them, it goes with their sound. I told them they should play rooftops all over Read more…

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