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Understanding “The Fifth Trimester,” When New Moms Head Back To Work

Attention working Moms of America…you have a lot to think about when you head back to work after having a baby. But there is help. Lauren Smith Brody, a working Mom of two young boys and former executive editor at Glamour Magazine, has written a guide-book for women called “The Fifth Trimester.” She interviewed more than 700 working Read more…

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Yale Professor Is Working To Understand Zika

To date there are just over 350 cases of the Zika virus in the United States, all travel related. To date, just one case has been reported in Connecticut. We know little about this disease that is transmitted by mosquitoes. It is effecting thousands of babies in the America’s, in particular Brazil, and it is spreading Read more…

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Helping Babies And Children With Eye Health

At 9 months, Brynn Avery’s parents realized their little girl was holding toys very close to her face. After a failed instrument vision screening at her pediatrician’s office, she was referred to Dr. Tara Cronin, a pediatric ophthalmologist with the The Eye Care Group. At 12 months Brynn was found to be very nearsighted. Her parents saw an Read more…

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You’ve Got The Cutest Little Baby Face

Jessica Higgins of New Milford, Connecticut, a former elementary school teacher, loves newborns so she’s made a business out of that love. Higgins is a baby photographer, make that a newborn photographer. Her sweet spot is taking photos of babies between 6 and 9 days old, she says that stage is magical. She wishes she Read more…

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Paula~Mom Extraordinaire and Lifestyle Editor

To me Paula Modarelli Cocozza of Fairfield, Connecticut is a grownup Gidget, as in the 1960’s show starring actress Sally Field. Something was always going on in Gidget’s life, she was vibrant and fun and had oodles of positive energy, just like Paula. One thing Paula has that Gidget didn’t, a wonderful infectious laugh. You Read more…

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Dogs and Kids Are This Photographer’s Specialty, WOOF!

Kimberly (Kim) Tyler is one of those photographers that comes along who waits patiently to get the “money” shot whether she’s working with dogs or children or weddings or events. Her sensitivity to what’s going on around her allows her to see things many don’t. Tyler says most of her great shots are taken when Read more…

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