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Get Your Colonoscopy It Could Save Your Life

March is national colon cancer awareness month. One-hundred-forty-thousand people are diagnosed with colon cancer every year in America, 50-thousand of which will die. The mortality rate does need to be that high because of colonoscopies. If you’re of age, have you had yours? It’s recommended for everyone at age 50…younger if you have colon cancer in Read more…

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If this Cancer Vaccine Works For Dogs, It May Work For Humans

As my husband Mark Mamula at Yale and Dr. Gerald Post atThe Veterinary Cancer Center in Norwalk, Connecticut continue on with their very important canine cancer trials they are enrolling dogs in another clinical trial and have until Aug 31 to enroll 5 -10 more dogs. We lost our lab, Savannah Jane to cancer. If Read more…

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Colon Cancer Was No Match For Lajeune Hollis

At age 49 Lajeune Hollis was told she had colon cancer. The news fell out of the sky for her. It took her a few days to wrap her head around such devastating news and then she got on with her life with a positive attitude that no matter how hard the journey she would Read more…

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Eartha Kitt’s “Kitt”

 The legendary entertainer Eartha Kitt called Connecticut home for many years until her death on Christmas Day in 2008. She had just one child, whom she named “Kitt.” Daughter Kitt talked about the star’s young life, how she was discovered by Orson Welles and what it was like watching her mother work a room in Read more…

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