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Fireside Chats With Nyberg~ Ex. Assistant Tina Cripps Nicoletti

On this edition of “Fireside Chats With Nyberg,” Ansonia’s Tina Cripps Nicoletti. Tina who is the Executive Assistant to the television station’s General Manager, Rich J Graziano, is a good part of the glue that holds all of WTNH News 8 together. She can do it all. She’s the mother of two sons and is a heck of a Read more…

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Explore Italy With L’Esperta

Ashley Turney of Montville, Connecticut fell in love with Italy when she studied there as a Trinity college student more than 25 years ago. Since 1990, she has returned over and over again and even learned the language, mind you she is not Italian, the country just speaks to her. Turney became so connected with the Read more…

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They Walk Alike, They Talk Alike..Identical Twins, Judy and Joy

Judy and Joy are identical twins who grew up in Bridgeport Connecticut, they have always been together, they finish each others sentences, to watch them together is to witness two people…but they are one in so many ways. Both are both Moms and Joy is a Grammy now too. They grew up in an italian Read more…

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Patricia Russo~ Ex. Dir., Women’s Campaign School At Yale

  It has been a week of celebrating Italian Americans on NYBERG, and  our final guest is Patricia Russo, the Executive Director of The Women’s Campaign School at Yale….she is all things politics in this state…she is warm and she is funny. If you’re a woman and want to run for political office, Russo is your Read more…

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Actor, Dan Lauria ~ Italian American

  He’s one of the most gracious actors I’ve ever met in decades of interviewing celebrities. Tonight’s Italian American guest on NYBERG is actor Dan Lauria…you learned who he was on “The Wonder Years” television show…he played the Dad. Lauria played Vince Lombardi on the stage, you might remember that. He’s an author of children’s Read more…

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Westport Country Playhouse’s Michael Ross~ Italian American

  Michael Ross is the Managing Director of Westport Country Playhouse. He grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin but has called Connecticut home for decades. His Dad was from Sicily, his Mom was Danish, he tells some hilarious stories about growing up. This was just an enjoyable interview at the table.   Michael Ross’s Favorite Italian Read more…

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Congresswoman, Rosa Delauro~ Italian American

  Third District Congresswoman, Rosa DeLauro grew up in Wooster Square, New Haven, Connecticut. Her parents were both on the board of Alders for years and years. Her Mother, Luisa DeLauro to this day is the longest-serving alderperson ever from 1965 to 1999. Congresswoman, DeLauro who has served in the U.S. House of representatives for 25-years, Read more…

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You’re Going To Love La Bafana and Friends, It Is “Mangia Magic”

Well what a fun interview this was, it included a puppet by the name of  La Bafana. La Bafana is part of an old Italian tradition in which an old woman delivers gifts to children throughout Italy on Epiphany Eve  like St Nicholas or Santa Claus. Kate West of Madison, Connecticut published a book about La Befana and is now developing  her story Read more…

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For Thanksgiving! Apple Rosette Pie

Okay is this gorgeous or what? Would this Apple Rosette Pie be a stunner on the Thanksgiving table or what? Who cares if the turkey doesn’t come out that well, you’ll have this to wow family and friends. Thank you, “The Italian Dish” for coming up with this! Click:  RECIPE

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Cindy Barbieri Is Cookin Up Something Great

She said goodbye to corporate life, a company she built, and decided to go for her real passion, cooking, to be the chef that everybody knows. From the time Cindy Barbieri was a little girl, it was her Italian Nanna’s cooking that jazzed her the most. She has her book titled  “Cindy’s Table,” her website , is Read more…

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