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“Garbage In – Art Out”

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, that’s the case with Daniel Lanzilotta of Connecticut. He has mounted a campaign to make art out of plastic and other items that float ashore from anywhere around the world or that he finds on the side of the road. He calls himself a “Plastician.” He has collected a lot Read more…

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The World Leader in Sailmaking

Where is the leading company for sailmaking in the world, especially when it comes to racing? Milford, Connecticut that’s where. I had you on that didn’t I? There is so much in Connecticut, discovering it all is great fun. The company is called North Sails and it’s just one division of a hugely diversified company Read more…

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Coastal Connecticut In April

I don’t know does it get any better than this? A warm April day with a slight breeze blowing on the water. I thought I’d share it with you. This happens to be Madison, Connecticut. On a clear day you can see Long Island from here. It’s a town of about 18,000. It’s located right Read more…

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