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Off Connecticut’s Beaten Path You Will Find Beauty

Landscape photographer J.G. Coleman finds Connecticut beautiful especially off the beaten path. He loves nature and enjoys getting lost to see what he can find. His beautiful images, mostly shot in the early morning hours, tell the story of his travels.  During the winter months Coleman loves to head to the on the beach because they’re deserted and Read more…

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Photographer Adrien Broom Creates Magic

A romantic relationship which ended in heartache years back started a whole new whimsical world for Adrien Broom. She picked up a camera and threw herself into building and creating art, and has never looked back. Her work involves fantasy and many times incorporates living animals. She gained notoriety with her “Color” project in which an entire photo Read more…

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Step Inside “Chloe” The Vintage VW Photo Bus And Smile!

Oh the twists and turns of life…one day you’re working in campus ministry at various schools in the northeast…the next you’re driving a vintage VW bus named Chloe that doubles as a photo booth for weddings and parties and other events. His business is called Photo Booth Planet. That’s what happened to Geoff Gordon of Mystic Read more…

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Aim And Shoot With The Northrups

In this day and age, we’re all taking photos of everything because our smart phone is always at the ready. If you’d like to get better at taking those shots or want to upgrade to a better camera, look no further then Chelsea and Tony Northrup …a married couple from Waterford. They’re professional photographers and have Read more…

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Amazingly Microscopic Images

Mark Smith has licensed technology from the U.S. Army and has built a business around it. His company is called Macroscopic Solutions. He can image anything no matter how microscopic it may be. The ramifications that this kind of imaging will have is all over the map, from art to science to archeology to  medicine and Read more…

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Ready, Aim, Shoot Perfect Fireworks Photos

We all do it every year, watch the fireworks and try to get that perfect shot of the spectacular Fourth of July Fireworks displays. The Baltimore Sun has some great tips here for you to be able to have shots that aren’t fuzzy or out of focus…they’ll be crowd pleasers and suitable for framing. READ.

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Average Joe Photo Show

It’s a photo show with a purpose that you can get involved with by uploading a picture shot with a mobile device. The Average Joe Photo Show, the brain child of two Connecticut women will benefit Water.org, a world-wide organization that draws attention to the need for water around the world… The photo you submit Read more…

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Wildlife Photographer, Mark Seth Lender

This is your chance to see the Greenland ice cap up close and personal without going there. Photographer, Mark Seth Lender, of Clinton, Connecticut went there for you, well for his work anyway, and captured these amazing photos. Lender specializes in wildlife photos working for Living On Earth. Lender, mapped the ice cap, which is Read more…

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You’ve Got The Cutest Little Baby Face

Jessica Higgins of New Milford, Connecticut, a former elementary school teacher, loves newborns so she’s made a business out of that love. Higgins is a baby photographer, make that a newborn photographer. Her sweet spot is taking photos of babies between 6 and 9 days old, she says that stage is magical. She wishes she Read more…

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Dogs and Kids Are This Photographer’s Specialty, WOOF!

Kimberly (Kim) Tyler is one of those photographers that comes along who waits patiently to get the “money” shot whether she’s working with dogs or children or weddings or events. Her sensitivity to what’s going on around her allows her to see things many don’t. Tyler says most of her great shots are taken when Read more…

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