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The Frame Shop On Wall Street

Jack Caldwell, a long time framer in Madison, Connecticut has a new shop complete with a revolving wall in the place because he has so many framing selections. He needed more space and came up with that novel idea.It’s called The Frame Shop on Wall Street, Caldwell Galleries. Not only is he framing photos, and Read more…

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You’ve Got The Cutest Little Baby Face

Jessica Higgins of New Milford, Connecticut, a former elementary school teacher, loves newborns so she’s made a business out of that love. Higgins is a baby photographer, make that a newborn photographer. Her sweet spot is taking photos of babies between 6 and 9 days old, she says that stage is magical. She wishes she Read more…

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Dogs and Kids Are This Photographer’s Specialty, WOOF!

Kimberly (Kim) Tyler is one of those photographers that comes along who waits patiently to get the “money” shot whether she’s working with dogs or children or weddings or events. Her sensitivity to what’s going on around her allows her to see things many don’t. Tyler says most of her great shots are taken when Read more…

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