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Here’s What You Searched For In 2014

Google is our encyclopedia, we “google” everything that we need to find or want to learn about, so in 2014 here is what “Google” says you looked for, and it asks what does this say about us, watch the video and see what you think, I think it’s pretty interesting and might lead to clues Read more…

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Jonathan Law High School “Shake It Off” Music Video

How awesome is this video done by the students of Milford’s Jonathan Law High School! There are students and teacher and other faculty involved, very cool.

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Dear Taylor Swift, This Connecticut 14 Year Old Needs Your Help!

Dear Taylor Swift, you’re needed on this! Zoe Butchen of Ridgefield, Connecticut is trying to raise money for Parkinson’s Research for the Michael J. Fox Foundation and she has chosen your “Shake It Off” song to help her do that. She is a huge fan of yours and her idea us that your song will Read more…

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